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Free Fonts, Graphics, Elimination of tape edges & Save Tape Tip

A. Fonts: Free Font Download location -

Thousands of fonts can be found. Download what you want and add it to your Windows/Font File.

B. Graphics:, images, or Google images. Type in your search and add clip art (ex: Sailfish black & White clip art).

Try to stay away from colors if possible. Select the one you want, right click and choose "save picture as", make sure you change to from gif, to a bmp or jpg file. In the printer software, start a new file, click outside the box so you can import the file. Select that file and place it on the page. Some files will come in clean, other may need to be cleaned up. To clean up a file, here is what you do. Double click the image and then choose "Adjust Image" . First try "Error diffusion" see if this fixes the graphic. If it does not, try the "Approximation" choice and slide the bar across for the best results.

C. Elimination of Tape Edges by Pat Barnard: After much trial and error this is a method I use to virtually eliminate the visible edges on a decal used for Custom Fishing Rods using the PEARLabel 270 & 360 printers. If you need additional information, just let me know.

1.  Print decal. Using scissors, trim as close a possible to the letters/object. Very sharp scissors are a must to ensure a clean precise cut. The goal is to remove as much of hte material surrounding the decal as possible without compromising the letters/object. Do not score/cut the decal backing with the supplied tool; leave the backing on, this will be removed in step #5.

2.  Prior to decal placement on blank, place a thin coat of finish where decal will be placed, let cure com;pletely. I have used Flexcoat and ProKote with good results.

3.  Obtain clear "mild tack" transfer tape (free from LRT Group) and place on TOP of trimmed decal. Press decal into transfer tape to ensusre decal is adheared to tape completely; leave paper backing on for now.

4.  After finish has cured and just prior to decal placement, warm the finish slightly with a heat gun or blow dryer, use caution, only a few seconds is adequate, do not "cook" the finish.

5. Now, remove decal paper backing. A slight bend in the transfer tape will cause backing to pull from decal. Use tweezers for backing removal, do not touch decal adhesive. Carefully place decal in desired location and roll decal/transfer tape to embed decal with warm finish. I use a Brayer roller. CAUTION: Be precise in decal placement and work slowly. Once decal contacts finish, it is nearly impossible to remove and reposition. in the event that decal has to be removed due to placement error, removal of decal adhesive from finish is difficult. Goof Off used gently on a lint free coffee filter has worked best for removal. Alcolol was ineffective but can be used as a final wipe once adhesive was removed.

   6. Gently remove transfer tape. A gentle wipe of the decal edges with rubbing alcohol is all that is needed to remove any adhesive that has been pressed out during the rolling step, use a link free coffee filter for this.

   7. Coat the decal with your favorite finish.

D. Save Tape:

After you creat you label in MaxiLabel, look on the left side look for "Margins"

Default is 0.12. Change it to 0.04 by:

1. Make sure you select the label (Green Dots around the job)

2. Make sure your job is flush to the red dots on the left sied

3. Under Margins, change the settings to: 0.04

4. Its ready to print.

At this point, you will save about 1/8" on each label. Call if you have any


If you don't understand any of this, call me @ 954-384-7656. Remember, all my Clients get "Free Service and Training & Free Clear Transfer tape".